SWIEDUCATION created this event for a lot of students who do not know the next step to take prior to their traveling and after getting to their study destination.

In the course of this event, we enlighten students on the basics they need to put in place while traveling and some vital information they need to be aware of when they get to their study destination.

They also get the opportunity to network with other students perhaps going to the same study destination.

Our pre-departure briefing is focused on:

  • What you need to travel with after visa issuance.
  • Qs and As at the point of entry by immigration personnel.
  • Course registration and commencement at the university.
  • Differences in academic systems and adjusting to the environment.
  • Profession advice on how to apply and secure jobs overseas.
  • Conditions to immigration on study permits and compliance.
  • What’s next after studies; ways to settlement and other relevant information.

Get-together Party:

The get-together party is held after the briefing. The purpose of this get-together is for students going to the same study destination (same institution and country) to have the opportunity of meeting prior to their travel, have fun with other students, make friends, exchange pleasantries, and much more. We also connect you with those presently studying at the same institutions.